Starway by Pixartprinting – B2B Loyalty Program

Service Design / Customer Experience

6 months customer experience and service design project on Starway by Pixartprinting B2B Loyalty Program, in collaboration with UAL – Central Saint Martin London during the Short Course in Service Design. Thanks to the findings of the students, I brought the brief within the company to follow up with the design challenge and optimize all the touch points and the marketing efforts.

Client: Pixartprinting
Services: Service Design, Facilitation, UX


In collaboration with UAL – Central Saint Martins London, we developed a design challenge with a team of 5 students focusing on the best B2B client segment of Pixartprinting and create new concepts to generate customer loyalty at scale.

I was responsible for the project ownership and for the design of the process in order to help Pixartprinting to adopt a design thinking mindset, empathize more with their audience, develop new service concepts and optimize all the Starwar Loyalty Program touch points.


We used the Design Thinking methodology and tools to face the design challenge, plus an integration of online marketing data.

Data Analysis
Recruiting B2B clients
User Interviews
User Observation
User Testing
Empathy Map
Insight Definition
How might We…?
Customer Journey Map
Opportunity Areas
Ideate & Prototype
Crazy eights
Paper Prototypes
Digital Prototypes

User Research and Insights Definition

I supported the students to organize and execute a qualitative analysis to collect insights and feedbacks from real existing B2B clients and creative professionals to deeply analyze their expectations, thoughts and needs interviewing them by phone or in person.

The User Research phase involved the following participants:

  • 30 Buyers / Resellers / Business owners interviewed by phone
  • 15 Creative Professionals interviewed from Uk, Spain and The Netherlands

What came out from the research mostly highlighted that Pixartprinting was not perceived as a strategic partner and total lack of brand awareness and perceived value in terms of exclusive services. Most of the clients didn’t know they were part of a loyalty program and they were not aware of the benefits of being part of it. They clustered the insights and identified patterns and user expectations.

Opportunity areas and ideation

The CSM students stated the problem in:

“How might we help Pixartprinting improve their programme so it enables them to form strategic relationships with their clients?”

They identified two possible opportunity area:

  • New service to promote business growth
  • Revamp the gift experience

They ideated different concept proposals based mainly on the second opportunity like a customizable digital catalogue service or a personalized reward system.


Thanks to this preliminary research, we brought the brief within the company to solve this challenge and integrate it with a qualitative survey to understand the perception of the all 1.160 clients from all over Europe.

We identified different painful touch points, created a creative brief from the graphic design department and implemented the services and the communications (Websites, Newsletter and Digital ADV) to improve the overall customer experience.