Generali Academy – Corporate University

Internal Brand Strategy and Identity

One year project on the internal branding of Generali Academy of Generali Group, one of the top 3 Insurance companies in Europe. In 2014 Generali Group opened its Academy to train their best national and international managers to become the new generation of corporate leaders.

Client: Generali Group
Services: Strategy, Branding, Packaging


In 2014 Generali Group opened Generali Academy aimed to train their best national and international managers to become the new generation of corporate leaders.

The HR department of the company requested to structure and design an internal brand new communication strategy and identity to create engagement during the online e-learning platform and offline training sessions and corporate events.

Brand Strategy

After the Brand Workshop, we identified all the unique aspects of the Academy and created a clear strategy to guide all the branding process.


EXCELLENCE (ĕk′sə-ləns) Noun

The quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Eg: ‘awards for excellence’; ‘a centre of academic excellence’

GUIDE (gahyd) Noun

A person who, leads the way, conducts. A professional mountain climber in charge of a group. A person who advises others, especially in matters of behaviour or belief. Eg: ‘tour guide’; ‘mountain guide’; ‘spiritual guide’.

MAIEUTIC (mä’yootik) Noun

The maieutic method, denoting the Socratic mode of inquiry, which aims to bring a persons latent ideas into clear consciousness.

BEHAVIOUR (bih-heyv-yer) Noun

Behavioural process: The systematic use of principles of learning to increase the frequency of desired behaviors and/or decrease the frequency of problem behaviors. Behavioral procedures: Procedures used to establish and strengthen basic skills; as used in social-skills training programs, requires the participant to rehearse a desirable behavior sequence mentally.

Brand Identity

We worked on different namings based on memorability and coherence with the tone of voice of Generali Group.

Regarding the visual identity, even tho the brand book of the company (made by Landor) was very strict, we succeeded in creating a secondary color palette that was complementary with the main one and the guidelines of Generali Group.

Customised Illustrations

After a long selection of illustrators, we hired Ray Oranges represented by the creative agency Machas London to develop a series of customised illustrations to visually describe the different training courses and the energy of Generali Academy.



The total branding project was developed in coherence with the brand strategy of Generali Group and with the limits of brand identity. The system has been applied to all the communication material and declined on the different touchpoints, digital and not, as well as to an illustrative video about the corporate goals.